Common Questions

How do we screen tenants?

We have long felt tenant screening is the most important service we provide. When we place qualified tenants that stay longer and pay on time – we both win. To this end we screen every potential tenant using an online subscription service that provides us with credit information, eviction history, and criminal records. We also verify identity, income, and previous rental history. Using this information, we apply strict criteria that we have developed over many years of property management experience to select only the most qualified tenants. Due to fair housing laws and other concerns, we do not allow owners to approve or select tenants.

Can you explain your accounting procedures?
How do you market my property?
How long will it take to rent my property?
How do you determine market rent rates?
How does your lease renewal process work?
Can you explain your maintenance procedures?
Do you perform interior inspections?
Can you explain the eviction process?
Should I allow pets?
What happens when the tenant moves out?
How does the Tenant’s Security Deposit Work?
What if the Security Deposit does not cover the repairs?

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