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Whether you are a part time or full time investor or a homeowner that needs to rent your current home, Hidden Creek's years of experience in the High-Country market gives us unique insight into the performance and goals you expect from your investment and the opportunities that are available.

Hidden Creek Management offers a full array of services that can complement the most novice owner to the most seasoned investor in this new environment. We offer a full-service brokerage department that specializes in investment properties throughout the High Country.

Economic changes of the last few years have been tough for many and have greatly changed our local housing market. As we have moved forward we have begun to see the environment stabilize and a great number of investment opportunities appear. Foreclosures, short-sells, and otherwise distressed properties have brought home prices down considerably while rental rates have grown stronger.

For Investors, our experience allows us to provide in-depth market analysis for each target property. We provide this information by developing a custom Pro-Forma for each investor and each property. This information helps investors better understand the dynamics of rental property and dramatically increases your percentages of obtaining a "wealth generating" investment. Our Pro-Forma provides statistical information such as projected rents, property taxes, Homeowners Association dues, maintenance, vacancy rates, property appreciation over "X" years, mortgage payments, cash flow and resale analysis, and various other pertinent facts.

For Homeowners, our personalized service and attention to detail ease the difficulty of renting out your home. Our years of experience and focus on single family homes have given us great insight into to managing your property for the short or long term. Tenant screening, routine home maintenance, emergency repairs, and all accounting handled on your behalf.

If you have any questions regarding investments in the High-Country please do not hesitate to contact Michael Fink at 828.262.1081 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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