Owner Responsibilities


When you decided to put your property out in the market for rent, you have decided to endeavor in a commercial venture. That means that the property will be held to a potentially different and higher standard than if you were to live there yourself. Local code enforcement, state statute, as well as small claims courts will all dictate that certain conditions and standards are maintained. This can take many forms, but a good example is heating or air conditioning. When weather conditions are extreme, issues with heating and air must be addressed quickly, even if that means doing so without owner approval. Ultimately, if an owner refuses to address, Hidden Creek Management will have authority to move tenants out of a home due to habitability issues.

Owner Vacations

Owners must advise Hidden Creek Management at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if they will be unavailable for consultation on maintenance issues for more than 2 days. Hidden Creek Management will make maintenance decisions it deems necessary for the protection and safety of the property and tenant when an owner is not available for consultation for more than 48 hours.


Hidden Creek Management requires that owners maintain a commercial general liability policy against any and all claims or demands arising out of or connected with the operation, leasing and maintenance of the property. Policies shall be written to the extent allowable so as to protect the agent in the same manner as the owner which shall be in the minimum amounts of $1,000,000 for each injury or death of one person in each accident or occurrence, and $750,000 for property damages in accident or occurrence. The owner agrees to provide annual copy of all liability policies showing Hidden Creek Management as additional insured. Owners should also advise their homeowner’s insurance policy holder that the home is rented. Failure to advise them of this may affect your coverage. As always, Hidden Creek Management strongly recommends you consult with your insurance agent about your rental properties to assure that you have sufficient and necessary coverage.

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