Moving In

Dear Future Tenants,

We are pleased you have chosen to rent a property managed by Hidden Creek. Our goal to is to coordinate a smooth move in process for everyone involved. Please understand July/August turnover is our busiest time of year, and we will be working diligently with our property owners and vendors to ensure your unit is in move-in ready condition. With that in mind, below are a few of our frequently asked questions.

Is the move-in date flexible?

The move-in date is predetermined based on several variables including the current lease end date, inspection time, and vendors’ schedules. We cannot guarantee if an earlier move in date is possible, as this will depend on the amount of turnover to be completed in between tenancies, and the schedule of the third-party vendors we use for maintenance, cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Please do not contact our office regarding moving in early. Once we know properties are ready, we will reach out to those respective incoming tenants with this option.

We will have three main move-in dates in August, and your lease will let you know your specific start date. We will send key pick-up instructions, as well as a move in packet with utility information closer to your lease start date.

Inspect and Cloud Report versus Work Orders

The Inspect and Cloud link information has been sent to your email and will need to be completed within one week of move-in. Please note the link is only sent to one tenant and is often the first person listed on the resident page. If applicable, you will need to work together as a group to complete the inspection report. If you need the link to be reassigned, please note it can only go to one resident per property. Please remember, submitting an inspect and cloud report does not serve as a work order. If something is out of order or needs repair, you will need to submit a work order through either your tenant portal or our 24/7 maintenance line.

Can I view the unit during the turnover period?

We will typically not be able to allow future tenants to see the property during turnover time due to the number of vendors who will be going into the unit to complete turnover maintenance and sometimes renovations as well as cleaning. There are liability issues as well as safety concerns until we are told the property is ready. Again, we will reach out if your unit is finished sooner.

What needs to be completed before getting keys?

Before your move-in date, please check your account on your tenant portal and ensure the balance is fully paid. The balance includes a full month's rent, a pet fee if applicable, and the Tenant Administration Fee. The Tenant Administration Fee is a one-time fee per property. Please note the rental rate is shown on the ledger and the lease, and there is an additional $10 monthly Resident Resource Fee as noted from your application. The lease also needs to be signed by all leaseholders and cosigners.

Your second month of tenancy will reflect any prorated rent amount if applicable.

Please also have the necessary utilities in your name. We will schedule a disconnect the day after move-in if it is not in a tenant’s name, and it will be a tenant charge for a reconnect.

As per the lease agreement, renter's insurance is required for each tenant on the lease. Please be sure to provide us a copy of your insurance policy by the lease start date. This can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Remember, you will not be allowed to pick up your keys on the lease start date unless the balance is paid in full, and the lease is completely signed.

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