Moving Out

Dear Residents,
We understand your lease end date is coming up in the next few months. With that in mind, below are a few of our frequently asked questions.

Is the move-out date flexible?
Your current lease end date will need to be honored to ensure we have time to perform move out evaluations and coordinate the necessary turnover maintenance and cleaning with the appropriate vendors. If you find yourself in an urgent situation where you will not be out in time, please communicate with us as soon as possible. We can potentially allow extra time on a case-by-case basis, but this is not a guarantee. Rent will continue to charge daily through the day that the keys are returned.

What do we do with our keys?
Keys can be returned to our office at 1950 Blowing Rock Road, Boone NC 28607. Please remember to return all keys including mailbox and garage remotes. We have a drop box in front of our office for returning keys, but make sure the envelope is clearly marked with your name, property, forwarding address, and confirm that you are all fully moved out of the property. Please note the property is not considered vacated until all roommates are fully moved out and all keys are returned. You may return keys early if you have completely moved out, but you would still be responsible through the lease end date.

Can I walk through with you during the move out evaluation?
By policy, we will not perform move out evaluations with residents. We will perform the evaluation and commence any necessary turnover maintenance and cleaning, and your security deposit will be reconciled within 30 days of your lease end date or your move out date, whichever is later.

When will I receive my security deposit?
Once the keys have been returned, we will perform an evaluation to assess the condition of the property. If you completed an inspect and cloud when your lease began, we will use this to help determine charges, if any. We will settle the security deposit within 30 days of your lease end date or your move out date, whichever is later. Any monies owed as well as a settlement deposit letter will be mailed to the forwarding address on file. The final month of rent will be prorated if applicable. Please be sure to adjust your auto-payments, if applicable. Any additional rent paid beyond what is due for your last month will be refunded with the security deposit, if applicable. Security deposits cannot be used as your final rental payment.

Where will my security deposit be sent?
Please note the security deposit refund checks will be written to the entire group of leaseholders. Please prepare accordingly. We cannot split security deposit checks between tenants. This is the most common issue with security deposit checks when there is a group of tenants living in a property. Please arrange this amongst yourselves before moving out of the property. We will only be able to use one forwarding address, so please provide us the one that has been mutually agreed upon to use.

What charges will be withheld from the deposit?
Please note you should have already received an email that provides details on Termination Duties. To avoid deductions from your security deposit please address the following items before returning your keys.
• Clean all kitchen appliances
• Remove all trash and personal property from the inside and outside of the unit.
• Sweep or vacuum all floors
• Ensure lawn maintenance is taken care of

The top chargeable items are listed below with approximate charges,

• Broken Blinds, $75 per blind (you can replace if needed)
• Missing Globes/Light Bulbs, $25 (there should be a light bulb in each socket)
• Window Screens, $75 (if you have taken the screens out, please put them back)
• Smoke Detectors/Carbon Monoxide Detectors, $75 (if you have taken them down, please put them back; you will be charged if they are not properly installed, even if they are left at the property)
• Trash/Personal Property, $75 minimum charge to remove any trash from the property.
• Air Filters, $75 per filter (if needed, you should replace them prior to returning the keys; you will be charged if they are not properly installed, even if they are left at the property)

One of the discussions that comes up frequently is what constitutes a deduction from a security deposit.

Below is a list of the top 10 reasons that funds are withheld from security deposits.
1. Unpaid rent or maintenance items
2. Trash/furniture/ personal items left in the home or at the curb
3. Lawn not cut at move out
4. Smoke & CO detectors removed or disabled
5. Dirty air filters
6. Dirty or damaged appliances – fridge, stove (grease), dishwasher, microwave
7. Dirty/stained/damaged carpet
8. Damage to hardwood or vinyl flooring
9. Painting – scratches, dings, holes, and dirty walls requiring extra painting
10. Damage to garage doors

Below is a brief description of why these 10 issues are a cause for a deduction of the security deposit.

Unpaid Rent – This one should go without saying but if there is a balance left on the account,funds from the security deposit will be withheld to cover those expenses.
Trash – We normally walk a home within 72 hours of receiving notification that a tenant has moved. When the inspection is done – there should be no personal items or trash left at the home. Even if it is bagged up and at the street for pickup - both code enforcement and homeowner associations do not allow for this, and it must be removed as quickly as possible. Any trash, personal items, or furniture must be removed from the home and disposed of when a tenant moves out. Any costs associated with removing items will be deducted.
Lawn – At the time of move out - if the lawn is in immediate need of being cut, that expense is deducted from the deposit. It is expected that the lawn has been cut within the last few days (2-3 days) and that cutting is not required for at least 1 week.

Smoke & CO Detectors – If detectors have been removed, tampered with, or damaged, they must be replaced. Funds to cover that expense is withheld from the security deposit.
Dirty Air Filters – Tenants are expected to change air filters every 3-4 months at a
minimum. Failure to do so affects the air quality in the home and places a strain on the HVAC systems. Clean filters must be in place when the property vacates, and the return area cleaned. If this is not done, this expense is charged to the security deposit.
Appliances – There can be several issues with appliances that affect the security deposit. Any damage such as broken handles or shelves is a deduction. Ovens and microwaves with food overrun in them or covered in grease are issues. Dishwashers left with water or food in them as well as refrigerators with food or uncleaned are also deductions.

Dirty, stained, or damaged flooring – Bleached spots, pet waste spots, drink spill stains, heavily soiled stains all are deductible items. Holes, tears, scratches, and pet damage to flooring are also conditions that will result in deductions.
Painting/wall repairs – If walls are painted during occupancy by a tenant, they must be returned to the original color before moveout. Holes, gouges, dents, and scrapes must also be repaired. Decorative stickers, artwork, dirt, “crayon”, pencil, or ink marks must be cleaned, removed, or repair.
Garage Doors – Dents, dings, and scratches are obvious reasons for deductions but failure to return garage door remotes also can be deducted.


Please note you cannot submit maintenance requests near the end of your lease agreement to address tenant caused issues in an effort to avoid deductions. If a maintenance request is submitted to correct issues that are tenant related, the associated charges will be a resident responsibility.

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